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Doug Barry

Historian, Political Philosopher, Veteran

 The Strategy 

Every problem can be solved. It takes a willingness to take the necessary steps to solve them. It takes courage among our elected officials to do the right thing. It requires long-term thinking, considering the long-term consequences of laws they pass, and not what is going to look good in the next election. It takes creativity, the ability to come up with new ideas, along with a willingness to brainstorm with others, and research, the patience and openness to find those ideas and programs that have been successful elsewhere. When legislatures make decisions about where to spend money, they need to be determining if we will get more back from that investment. When they make cuts, they need to consider if the cuts will cost us more money in the long run.

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Two Cities

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If you find yourself complaining about the slow pace that our economy has improved, that students are not being prepared to enter the real world or that you don't feel safe in your neighborhoods, it's because the people we've elected aren't succeeding in the job we gave them. There are not enough leaders in our legislature. There is too much confrontation and not enough compromise.

An Honest Assessment of Legislative Accomplishments

In the 2014 State of the State address, Maryland's Governor said they've cut the budget over the last eight years. This is not true. The State budget has increased by more than a billion dollars a year over the last eight years. Ask yourself when the last time was that you heard ANYBODY in the state legislature talk about spending money more efficiently, instead of looking for more sources of revenue. Ask yourself why we've had so many tax increases if the budget has been cut. Ask your self why we've become more dependent on federal funds, even though we've increased taxes, and why services aren't improving from the extra money we're spending.

We can do better. We can more thoroughly examine the consequences of proposed legislation. We can do more to work with private investors and industry to see what they need to bring more jobs into Maryland, and we can increase tax revenue by getting more of our citizens working. We can save money by giving more people an honest living, and steering them away from criminal activity. We can improve property values by improving neighborhoods. The opportunities are out there. We need people in office to take advantage of them.